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1a Danks Street,

Waterloo, NSW 2017

159-161 Clovelly Road,

Randwick, NSW 2031


Fluidform is an energetic Pilates studio situated in Danks St, Waterloo and Clovelly Road, Randwick.

Our unique programming allows every client to have a personalised journey specific to their posture and individual needs. 


Fluidform Pilates doesn't just change bodies, it transforms lives.

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do and our focus is to make a meaningful, positive impact on their minds and bodies - we believe that this is where wellness comes from. 


Get ready for deep full body strength building and conditioning in a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. You will not find a studio like us anywhere else.


Our posture analysis and programming has been developed over 10 years working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours.  


We are confident in our knowledge and know that our clients are better both physically and mentally for beginning their journey with Fluidform.


If we get a buzz out of making you feel better about yourself, imagine how you will feel. We offer a variety of classes with our goal being to ensure our clients leave feeling strong and flexible. 

Now if that sounds like a journey you would like to commence why not come in and meet us.

 Our Studios


At Fluidform we achieve long, lean bodies that are balanced and strong to the core.

All new programs have been created by our Owner and Principal Instructor Kirsten King.


King has designed a series of functional movement based programs on Pilates equipment to improve your posture and strengthen your deep muscles.


Our studios are fully-equipped with the highest quality professional Pilates equipment including reformers, cadillacs, wunda chairs, high barrels, swiss balls and small apparatus.

 Danks St Studio


Our Danks St Studio is an
expansive first floor space boasting high ceilings, modern fit out, split mezzanine level, and full length mirrors throughout.


The studio offers the
full Fluidform repertoire including, Equipment and Mat Pilates,
HIIT Pilates, Swiss Ball and
Barre Attack, Mums and Bubs and Pre- and Post-Natal.

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 Clovelly Studio


Our Clovelly Studio - Fluidform 2031 is a boutique, contemporary Pilates studio comprising of 3 luxury designed studios.

All studios focus on small group and private one-on-one training.

Clovelly 2031 has a special focus on Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates and Mums and Bubs.

A fantastic space that makes exercising enjoyable.

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“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking, nor outright purchase.”

- Joseph Pilates

Our Founder


Kirsten King, director of Fluidform Pilates studio, is a passionate advocate of the functional and aesthetic physical changes that Pilates can bring about in the human body.

Kirsten King holds a Diploma in Pilates from the Australasian Pilates Method Association and STOTT Pilates and is a fully accredited member of the Pilates Australian Alliance.


King has run Fluidform studios since 2012, offering her highly individualised Pilates instruction that is suitable to all stages of life, from everyday function to rehabilitation from injury and surgery through to pre- and post-natal as well as support for professional athletes.


From a personal point of view, as a mother of three young  girls under 7, King has a very first hand understanding of the rigours and challenges of the pre- and post-natal period for women and is well-positioned to speak in a highly educated manner on the best ways to support the female body through this life period.


Her clients include well known faces such as Pip Edwards, Georgia Fowler, Elle Ferguson, Nicole Warne as well as professional athletes Steve Smith, Greg Inglis and George and Tom Burgess.


King’s mix of high-grade technical knowledge combined with a modern approach to Pilates and her warm, engaging nature makes Fluidform a stand out among the health and wellbeing options available in the market.


I’ve been going to the mums and bubs classes since having my 3rd baby. After

3 pregnancies my body has changed a lot. With the care, support & guidance from the amazing teachers at Fluidform I am getting slowly back into shape the right way. Their expertise in the female body after birth is so reassuring. I am always made sure that my posture is correct and I am doing the right techniques in order to correctly support my body even in a group environment. Any personal issues are catered to and supported in order

to strengthen what’s needed. The personalised care is incredible. I always leave feeling stronger & more confident. Supported and eager to get to my next class. My 7 month old also LOVES coming to the classes! She’s free to roam there are toys there for her to play with and it allows me to spend an hour

on myself.

- Heidi Livingston

I joined FluidForm recently, it's been

my introduction to Pilates. What a wonderful oasis! Exercise that heals instead of hammers you. An environment that is calming and gives positive energy. My body feels so much better and more open - as though my internal structure has been stretched and unkinked. The instructors are very skilled and attuned to their clients diverse needs. I'll be

going regularly as I can already feel the benefits. Really love it and can’t recommend too highly.

- Roslyn Williams

“Finding the right Pilates instructor is like trying to find the right boyfriend; You want consistency, quality, endless support and healthy challenges ;) Having started at Fluidform over four years, Kirsten has changed my body in so many positive ways. I was addicted to high intensity and cardio. Kirsten showed me their was a new way of training that wasn’t that and could yield more incredible results- and those results have stayed around. The quality of trainers Kirsten hires reflects the high standards she holds in her studio. Lucy C nursed me through my rehab post a full knee reconstruction. I’ve never felt stronger or, leaner then I do now. And I train less! 

As I travel for work a fair bit, the foundations and skills I have learnt at Fluidform allow me to either do my own Pilates when I’m away and also take the good form into any exercise classes I do. And that’s priceless”.

- Kate Russel 

I have been attending the studio now

for almost a decade. The calibre of the teachers and their attentiveness to my wellbeing has been exceptional.
Programs are tailored to suit individuals and through close supervision I am continually challenged and feel so much better for it. Highly recommended.

- Mark Louw

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