Fluidform Live Event - The Calile Hotel

placeholder copy for the moment - motivation is great to have and also very hard to keep, especially when it comes to exercising. 

You’ve likely heard your trainer cue you to “stay in neutral”. Sure, it might sound like an odd and -- if you haven’t been shown how to find neutral correctly -- impossible request, but it’s the single most important cue you’ll be given all class... if you want to transform your body, workout safely and correct your posture.

How to find your correct neutral spine position is something that’s taught in your first few Pilates classes at Fluidform -- if you’re not sure what neutral is always be sure to ask, that’s what your qualified trainer is there for. The challenge that comes with “keeping a neutral spine” is maintaining it throughout each exercise during your class and then being mindful of it in your everyday life outside of Pilates.