FF Client - Kathleen Buscema

We love being able to share positive stories from our community.

Read on to discover how Fluidform at Home has helped Kathleen cope with Stage 4 endometriosis.

I was that girl who could not stay on course with fitness and diet.  It was always a struggle, a long road, a chore, another reason for me to 'work' hard.  

Knowing that maybe I wouldn't be 'good' at it and because I'd have the view that it was going to take too long to be thinner.  I always felt guilty, I felt bad knowing what would people think of me when they knew I gave up again or that Kath was on another diet because she didn't follow through with the last one.  

I always had a rebuttal ready though when asked how the diet or the gym membership was going.

I was just too busy, working hard at my job.  My work, my career was always first. Myself, last.

I suffer from Stage 4 endometriosis.  I have suffered from this chronic illness for half of my life but I was only diagnosed five years ago.  Three surgeries later, my gynecologist suggested no more surgeries but a better balance of healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction, which would lead to better pain management.

Anything to stop the insomnia, nerve pain in legs, nausea, severe bloating, anxiety, headaches, lower back pain, chronic fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, night sweats.

I had tried reformer pilates in the past and absolutely loved it but could never commit to signing up as I would spend almost half of my month on a plane either interstate or Europe.

I signed up to a local gym and that was good for a while but it was uninspiring.

I tried other at-home exercises for a while, random you tubers every day.   But again, I didn't feel inspired or part of a community.

And then I found Fluidform at home. That's when I choose to put me first.

I started in January this year, the convenience of having Fluidform with you all of the time was so helpful.  I realised whilst I was in Paris for work that I was so excited to start my morning with FFAH.  It was a gift for me to give my body and mind.  It helped me stay focused, combat jet-lag and allow me to power on through long days and nights of a grueling fashion week.

The way Kirsten elegantly takes you through a workout is empowering.  Her smiling through the burn is hilarious and motivating at the same time.

FFAH has taught me how to connect all parts of my body.  It was really evident when I began the Kickstarter challenge.  I powered through the challenge everyday.  My body was thanking me and friends were asking what my secret was and was more than willing to share.  Once I shared, my friends joined.  I am proud of that because I know of the importance of paying it forward for women just like me, who feel like they don't know how to put themselves first or have denied their body the respect it truly deserves.

I am grateful for FFAH because it has strengthened the core I never had.  Five months on I no longer have excruciating lower back pain, shoulder, and neck pain. It has me feeling healthy, strong, fit, calm.  It has helped me reconnect who I am, body, mind, and soul.

I know to stand strong, a longer, leaner proud woman of the journey and that I now give what I need first and that goes for my body thanks to Fluidform at Home.


I breathe.

I rest.

I greet the sun every morning.

I move everyday.

I am now calm.

I sleep deeper.

I am energised.

I am strong.

Kathleen Buscema