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During the Covid-19 lockdown, I was lucky enough to side down with Alison Rice and record an episode of her Offline Podcast. Our chat had a particular focus on confidence but we covered so much more than that, including bonding over our Cancer traits!

Read on for some of my favourite excerpts or listen to the full interview here.

On confidence -

I've got the confidence knowing that I've done the hard work to deliver the product or deliver the service. So that's me, that's probably a cancer in me. I'm not overly... I wouldn't say I'm the most confident, flamboyant type of person, but in what I know, 100% I'm confident. I know I can fix your body, I know I can make you feel better and I know that I'm going to help you. And I utterly believe that down to my core.

On Pilates as medication -

I think it becomes at the end of the journey, it becomes the new medication. But at the beginning of the journey, they come here, usually through the help of family or friends, because some people are that broken, that they can't see past leaving their apartment. And we get that a lot with social phobias. And so, a daughter will bring a mum, a husband will bring a wife and they come in to the studio just looking for another safe haven. And I think Pilates is seen as a form of movement that is supportive and at times can be slow. And it has such a distinctive mind-body connection, that the transformation internally comes through removing the body externally. So they come in and we just begin a journey together. And it's something that I feel really strongly about, you don't want to have to live taking medication forever if you have that choice. So, clients like that... I love all my clients, but clients like that for me are what make my job really worthwhile.

On the importance of touch -

Well, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be touched in some way. There's an element of physical contact which brings comfort, which brings confidence, which brings endorphins rushing, all sorts of reasons. And for a lot of people, there isn't enough touch in their life, and that might be because they've recently lost a loved one, they've had a relationship break down, they may not have had anyone, children might have moved out of home, children have grown up. And so they come into this safe environment where they're moving and they're feeling great. And you're able to correct them. And there's a large percentage of clients that come for that physical connection and correction in their body because they're not getting it at home. And it just feels that sense of self.


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