Meet Sonia FFAH Member

"All the challenges have been motivating, challenging and fantastic"

What's your favourite challenge?

“I’ve been a part of your FFAH for a little while now, and whilst all the challenges have been motivating, challenging and fantastic - the Flat Abs challenge has been a level above. This challenge has not even been about highly visible physical differences for me. Abs are one of my favourite workouts so I was excited for this challenge! But it has been all the small things that make a big thing. It’s been the slight shift in posture. It’s the walking and feeling that little bit leaner and taller. It’s the looking at my c section scars from two babies, and feeling that section of my tummy being that little bit flatter and tighter. It’s my jeans fitting that little bit better. It’s the sitting at my desk better. It’s the quiver in one of your workouts and knowing that my body is recognising immediately how to perform. And it’s all those little things have also meant, it’s the time at the end of my day, after my kids are asleep that I get ready for a workout, and my mind feels that little bit clearer and quieter. That is the best result right there - especially in the current state of the world where there is so much noise right now. So thanks for such a great challenge and a great at home program that is so helpful on so many levels. I can’t wait for the next challenge.”