Meet Amy FFAH Member

"Kirsten is a legend and her care oozes through the screen."

Why do you love FFAH?

"Christmas 2019 I suffered a miscarriage and took a while to find me again. I’d always been someone who had done HIIT workouts and pushed my body to the limit, but I felt after what it had been through I needed to treat it with kindness. I came across your FFAH series and seeing Kirsten’s approach and smiley face I knew this was what I needed.

I genuinely think your classes helped my body recover and helped my mind as well. Fast forward four months and I was pregnant again but I was terrified something was going to happen to the baby. I kept up with your trusty FFAH now moving to your prenatal series trusting every sequence and movement Kirsten took you through. This was also the start of lockdown in the UK so I could not have been more grateful to have this at my fingertips.

Now fast forward a year and I have a healthy beautiful four month old and have just started doing your postnatal series, trusting you yet again to help my body recover. FFAH is brilliant! Genuinely it got me through one of the toughest times and helped me get back fighting fit again after feeling a bit lost and not quite myself in my body. It has been there whilst my body went through all the different transitions and each time it has worked. Kirsten is a legend and her care oozes through the screen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal and go on to recover."