Meet Hannah FFAH Member

"Ever since the first buddy workout this has changed my mindset and my body."

Do you do the challenges? If so, what's your favourite challenge?

"I have absolutely LOVED the flat abs challenge, I never have paid as much attention to my core and given it the time it has needed to recover from pregnancy/birth but then get back into shape with the strength it has now. As much as I have noticed abs develop I can activate my pelvic floor and run and jump around after my boys with confidence. The best thing too is the effectiveness of the short workouts, I am now back at work but don't need to skip a day which is vital for my state of mind, a workout and meditation in one!"

Are the mini workouts enough for you to feel the burn?

"I used to dedicate hours a day to running and the gym and am astounded at how effective these short workouts can be. I really just wanted to reach out and thank you for the programmes you provide which have such a huge impact on me physically but more so mentally."