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"This has helped to focus & centre me like nothing has before!"

Tell us about your FFAH story

"I just need to tell you how much I am enjoying the program. I’ve always liked Pilates but have never truly connected to it before. I am now one hundred percent addicted & have implemented the practice into my daily rituals. For someone who is so busy & has a tendency to get a little cray, this has helped to focus & centre me like nothing has before. I listened to Kirstin on Offline the podcast. She spoke about her feelings when the studio closed in the wake of COVID 19. Whilst the impact of that for her & her studio clients was significant, I can’t help but think it was a way that the universe gave FF the opportunity to reach so many more people. The result of this is that women, men (& children who join in) have been introduced to this community & the power of the Pilates FF practice. A gift for so many. I just wanted to offer that perspective & express my gratitude for FF & KK & say thank you for keeping me sane & in line with my overall well-being through a complicated time.”