Clovelly Pilates Studio

Fluidform Clovelly offers an intimate and inspiring experience in Sydney’s eastern beaches. A New York influenced, modern Pilates studio focusing on small, carefully structured Reformer and equipment Pilates classes. Fluidform Clovelly values a nurturing, community focused approach to teaching, training, and evolving each individual Pilates experience.

Our classes and programming have been created by Fluidform Pilates Owner and Principal Instructor Kirsten King. Kirsten’s considerable experience in the field of Pilates and the human body has influenced her design of intelligent, functional movement-based programs. Postural alignment and deep muscle strengthening are consistent across all equipment and mat training. At Fluidform studios, we focus on making a meaningful and positive impact on the minds and bodies of everyone who walks through our studio doors. We believe this builds a foundation for wellness and becoming the best version of yourself. We welcome you into our calm and sophisticated studios for a total body workout where we will strengthen and condition your deepest muscles. Our approach is effective, and the results are life changing.


159 Clovelly Road, Randwick NSW 2031