Fluidform at Home Pre & Postnatal
We'll support you from from conception through pregnancy and help you rebuild your body after birth
Prenatal Challenge: Keeping it Tight!
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Specific prenatal programs for each trimester
Maintain strength
Build pelvic stability
Supportive and effective
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Suitable from 6 weeks post-birth
Rebuild abdominal connection
Build strength, tone and connection from the inside out
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What they've said...

FFAH has been a game changer for my 41 year old, post 2 x problematic c-sections body. I could barely get into a plank position when I started FFAH...and I just did today's challenge workout and felt strong and confident. I can see my abs again for the first time in 4 years. I constantly sing my praise of FFAH. Please never stop this program!


What they've said...

I’m a mum in my 40’s with young children and never in my wildest dreams imagined that anything could’ve changed my mind and body as effectively as fluidform has. I’ve never been more motivated, physically stronger and mentally alert. Thank you so much for the attention to detail provided in every instruction to ensure technique is right and for challenging my body like it’s never been before. 

Kee, or as I call her the smiling assassin, has such a warm, calm and inspiring demeanour, I feel like I could hang out with her doing Pilates all day (if she wasn’t killing me). She makes me feel at ease and challenges me at the same time. That’s a remarkable thing to be able to do from a screen! 

What they've said...

I am a week in using my reformer at home in Melbourne and your online classes. I have been doing pilates at a few studios in Melbourne over the years but I am blown away by your reformer classes online. The instructions are so clear and precise and the routines are great. I am thrilled! Thank you so much, you are a really passionate and talented teacher. I am wanting this to now be a part of my everyday routine. Such a perfect way to start the day. 


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