be strong, be flexible.

At Fluidform pilates we are creating stronger, leaner muscles to reveal the body you never knew you had.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

- Joseph Pilates

One of a kind studio, Fluidform  is a boutique, contemporary Pilates Studio comprising of 2 luxury designed locations.

All studios focus on small group and private one-on-one training.

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You can now practice anywhere, anytime from any device. King has designed a series of functional movement based programs to achieve long, lean muscles that are balanced to the core.


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Absolutely love it! I’ve just returned to pilates after having a baby and I’m loving the mums and bubs classes. The classes are intimate which allows for so much 1:1 time, Kirsten and her team of instructors are excellent, the space is beautiful and they are so accomodating for babies/ kids so you don’t feel awkward when your baby looses it! You would be hard to find a better pilates studio in Sydney!

- Alexandra Percival

I have been a member of the Fluidform family for over fifteen years. During

this time they have eliminated my chronic back pain and have helped my rehabilitation from open heart surgery.

The instructors at Fluidform personalise my program to focus on areas that need strengthening or remediation. They also mix the routines and introduce new exercises to keep things interesting and challenging.

As I get older, my regular sessions at Fluidform maintains my agility, flexibility, core strength and balance.

If I’m away for more than a week, my body starts complaining! I highly recommend Fluidform Pilates. They have an experienced and dedicated group of instructors and a well equipped studio.

- Vincent Vas

I have been working very closely with Kirsten and all the girls for the last couple of years. I firstly went due to a knee injury and within weeks I was hooked and my injury was no longer a problem. I was also doing Pilates throughout my whole pregancy and am currently 8 months postpartum and I have my best body I have ever had. Kirsten has shaped my body in ways that cardio and weights never could. The focus on muscle and technique that no other trainers have never been able achieve has resulted in the best I have felt and looked.

- Amber Pompeii

Firstly, Kirsten is one of the most incredible people and more importantly instructors you will ever meet. Following this she keeps a close tight community of beautiful instructors and has created two beautiful spaces which are not just aesthetically pleasing but the perfect pilates oasis. I highly recommend her Barre classes as the burn and sweat gets you every-time. No one class is the same and the experience is more than worth while! She has a great connection with all of her clients and will always remember your face and more importantly how your experience has been!

- Harley Jackson

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