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They've had their say...

King is the ideal instructor. She’s calm and clear in her instructions. Often you don’t realise quite how hard she’s working you out until about halfway through when the trembles kick in. And somehow, she just knows where you’re at.


Expect body-sculpting workouts that will improve posture and tone while strengthening and stretching your muscles.


Now if you believe mat Pilates is just laying on the ground stretching, hoo-boy, Fluidform quickly changes your mind. Within two minutes, I was in all sorts of abdominal pain. By the end of it I was feeling nothing but booty burn and back sweat (gross, but you get the point) and woke up in the morning with that satisfying soreness you only get from exercise. One week in and I actually look forward to waking up and doing it. Yep.


We can attest: Those quickie abs and arms series are just right for squeezing in between meetings.

The classes cater to all levels of fitness and really make a difference to your core strength and overall tone.

You've had your say...

I'm feeling pretty chuffed! When I started FFAH in April I couldn't get my bum off the ground hardly at all for a one legged pelvic curl and today did them with ankle weights and all that other leg lifting business. It's fun seeing those who things that used to feel impossible starting to feel strong. Thank you so much for this program!


I used to dedicate hours a day to running and the gym and am astounded at how effective these short workouts can be. I really just wanted to reach out and thank you for the programmes you provide which have such a huge impact on me physically but more so mentally.


I just wanted to say thank you so much as the workouts have truely transformed the functionality of my body - and I have benefited so incredibly much from them all. I love the new challenges that have been added over the years, and feel so much strength in my body now, but also feel so many benefits for my mind as well. I am so grateful for Kirsten and the whole team behind FluidForm and making it possible to access such powerful and effective workouts!


 I cannot believe the changes to my body, I have just turned 42 and feel I have my best body ever and feel confident and happy within myself. Thank you so much for creating workouts that are flexible, rewarding and make me want to get out of bed each day to complete