Introducing Fluidform Pilates and Kirsten King

Fluidform Pilates doesn't just change bodies, it transforms lives.


What a wonderful oasis! Exercise that heals instead of hammers you. An environment that is calming and gives positive energy.

My body feels so much better and more open
- as though my internal structure has been stretched and unkinked. The instructors are very skilled and attuned to their clients diverse needs.



I have been attending the studio now for almost a decade. The calibre of the teachers and their attentiveness to my wellbeing has been exceptional.

Programs are tailored to suit individuals and through close supervision I am continually challenged and feel so much better for it. Highly recommended.



Kirsten has changed my body in so many positive ways. I was addicted to high intensity and cardio. Kirsten showed me their was a new way of training that wasn’t that and could yield more incredible results- and those results have stayed around.

I’ve never felt stronger or, leaner then I do now.
And I train less!